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At Our Smart Place, L.L.C. we believe the learning process never stops and most of all practice is the key to succeeding and continuous improvement.

For each enrichment class, a pretest is given to find the skills the student is non-proficient in.  Once the skills are recognized, lessons are designed to address those skills.  This not only assists students who are struggling, but also provides students who are doing well with extra practice.


Our Smart Place implements Florida Finish Line Reading for grades 2-8 for the content area of Reading.  Florida Finish Line is a research-based supplemental program that prepares students for standardized testing. Students participate in instruction on their reading level; each Florida Finish Line Reading book directly focuses on a grade level. Through direct instruction and modeling, guided practice, and then independent practice, students develop skills in the following areas of Reading: Comprehension, Fluency, Phonics, Vocabulary, and Phonemic Awareness.  Differentiated instruction will be utilized by providing students with small group centers, paired reading, scaffolding, and independent learning strategies.


All lesson content and format is modeled after the Florida Standards.  All material is clearly presented, and includes a progressive review that locks learning into long term memory.  Specific hints guide students to remember key strategies such as problem solving techniques, guess and check, working backwards and other math strategies for problem-solving. The Finish Line series allows for complete support to the student’s mental and emotional preparation for the Florida Standards.